brand identity, art direction, uxdesign, uidesign


Focus@will is the result of months of experimentation and research looking for the perfect tune to focus in your little and big tasks during your day. Founded by an amazing musician this platform combines science and music to create a very complex and interesting product. 

All this technology, data and expertise was lacking of a better interface, all this scientific approach needed a nice and relatable face and voice. This is what is up so far.



Client / Focus@will - HDK media

Role / Art Direction, Interaction Design, Information Architecture & Visual Design

Duration / 3 weeks

Tools / Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Invision, hand drawing

Team / Creative Director, Content Strategist and me

Deliverables / Brand identity, pitch deck, Wireframes, high-res mockups, interactive prototype, sitemap, style guide, production assets.